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She thanked her ex-partner of 20 years Cydney Bernard and said, "This is not going to be a big coming out speech tonight because I already did my coming out about a thousand years ago back in the stone age in those very quaint days when a fragile girl would open up to trusted friends and family and coworkers, and then gradually, proudly to everyone who knew her." This is the first serious romantic relationship Foster and Hedison have been linked to since Bernard and De Generes.

After her first year in college, Laurel moved to Chicago to work with the Piven Theatre Workshop.

Hedison first exhibited her series of abstract landscapes in 2002 at Rose Gallery in Bergamont Station, Los Angeles with Robert Polidori, Virginia Beahan and Laura Mc Phee, David Maisel, Alexandra Rowley and Joshua Bernstein.

In 2005, she exhibited the (Re)Building series, which addressed themes of loss, transition and recovery while using construction as a metaphor for memory in the architecture of the subconscious.

Hedison's work is represented in public and private collections worldwide, and her photographs have been shown in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout the US and Europe, including Los Angeles, New York, and London.

In 2010, her solo show In the Woods was exhibited at Meredith Gunderson Projects in London, UK.

, Miz Martelleur has repeatedly shown up at Jodie and Alexandra's Beverly Hills residence AND appeared in Toronto when Jodie was there for work.Like a grown up version of a , all of these lesbian archangels have either dated, fought, or lived in the same home as one another. buy midcentury timepieces lovingly updated and lived in by an estranged ex-girlfriend. ), the sixth member is this .75M low-slung, open-plan ranch.So, here's what we know about Hollywood's secret lesbian mecca: built in 1956, it's a perfect midcentury with clerestory windows whitewashed wood planks, subtly placed modern conveniences and quintessential L. Yet this wouldn't be a lesbian conspiracy theory without the obligatory plot twist: the midcentury property could also be considered Ellen's ex. Photographer/director Alexandra Hedison and De Generes broke up in 2004 after dating three years.They made their first public appearance together that same month at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts gala in Beverly Hills. Foster previously had a longtime relationship with Cydney Bernard, with whom she has sons Charlie, 14, and Kit, 11.For her part, Hedison dated Ellen De Generes for three years.

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