College students with disabilities accommodating Bisex webcam mobile

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MODULE GOAL(S): To assist postsecondary administrators and faculty in understanding the characteristics of students with disabilities and strategies for communicating and building positive relationships.The module is to help faculty and staff understand and help the students determine and use, supports or accommodations to participate in the course.In accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Commission (March 2016), disclosure of an Academic Accommodation Letter will be provided by this office directly to a student’s program/school.We encourage students to talk with their professor(s) as soon as possible to further the conversation, as needed.All academic accommodations will be handled by the Counselling and Accessibility Services office which will electronically provide the academic accommodation plan to the appropriate instructor, Chair or designate, as well as, the Test Centre.The Chair and/or their designate in the School/Program will ensure assigned teaching faculty have a current Academic Accommodation Letter and, where relevant, arrange the testing accommodations in the Test Centre for eligible students within a course.The documentation must be specific about what accommodations are recommended. This documentation should consist of a current report or evaluation prepared by an appropriate professional.

You are not required to: However, if you need and want accommodations, you are responsible for contacting disability resources and completing the process for requesting accommodations.

If you are an admitted student looking for how to provide documentation to start the accommodation approval process, please fill out the "Apply for Disability Accommodations" form within your Enrollment Checklist through Admissions.

Students who need accommodations for learning, mental health, or physical disabilities must provide documentation from a professional qualified to diagnose the disability.

The coordinator also oversees compliance with College policies and laws and, along with Ann Isgrig and Angie Story, assists in the day-to-day provision of support and accommodations for individual students’ academic needs.

The coordinator also provides campus educational resources and training.

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