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By the end, it doesn’t matter whether or not the film is true.Weir has taken us on a visceral journey that, for the most part, feels true.Gathering half a dozen other prisoners, Janusz makes a break for it during a blizzard (we know from an ill-advised opening card that only three will make it as far as India).Driven by “kindness” and a need to forgive, Janusz immediately puts his survivalist skills to use on the outside, fashioning facemasks from birch bark and using tricks from his hunting days to steer them south.

Weir, who veers from the specifics presented in Slavomir Rawicz’s book “The Long Walk: The True Story of a Trek to Freedom” due to controversies surrounding its authenticity, gave himself room to fictionalize the epic journey.Now Saoirse has received a nomination for Best Actress for her role in Brooklyn and Michael Fassbeender is up for Best Actor for his performance in Jobs.Ironically Saoirse is actually up against Michael Fassbender’s girlfriend Alicia Vikander, who is nominated for The Danish Girl.Weir fills these scenes with gritty detail, creating a vivid picture of Gulag life in a relatively short time.Between the bedbugs, bad food and brutal company, it’s easy to understand why Janusz would rather risk death on the outside, though Weir has another idea in mind: The protag must survive in order to get back to his wife (despite her betrayal), and the impossibly long journey will not end until he can do so (which explains not only the title, but also a strange recurring vision of Janusz reaching for the front door of his home whenever things get tough).

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