Updating reverse lookup zones angdatingdaan by demand

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A PTR record (sometimes called a "host PTR record") is what lets someone do a "reverse" DNS lookup - that is, they have your IP address and want to know what your host/domain is ( A CNAME record maps an alias or nickname to the real or Canonical name which may lie outside the current zone.

If DNS and Active Directory are integrated, then DNS data is stored in Active Directory.

The different types of zones used in Windows Server 2003 DNS are listed below: is the only zone type that can be edited or updated because the data in the zone is the original source of the data for all domains in the zone.

I have checked everything I can check, and I can find nothing different in the R1 or R2 schools that are and are not working.

Some of the servers will not update the Reverse Lookup zones and as you can imagine spiceworks is upset about this.

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